What is Humorology?

Humorology, or “Humo” for short, is an annual juried musical/variety show that takes place at the Overture Center for the Arts  of the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The competition consists of ten original mini musical comedies written, produced, and performed by independent companies which are overseen by a student-run executive board.  Beginning in 1948, Humorology is one of the oldest traditions at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is the largest non-profit student service organization in Wisconsin.


The Organization

Since 1948, Humorology has been an outlet for University of Wisconsin-Madison students to utilize their singing, dancing, and acting talents to make a difference.  Each year, over 300 devoted participants bring Wisconsin’s largest student-run non-profit organization to life on stage, raising money for a charity in need.  This year, 100 percent of profits will benefit a local charity, The Boys and Girls Club of Dane County, an amazing locally founded organization that establishes programs that enable youth to reach their full potential as productive, responsible and caring adults.

The Show

The show itself takes place every April where the finalist casts determined late in the fall semester will run mini-musicals.  Each show is written, directed, choreographed, costumed and performed by the students themselves.  When backed by a professional tech crew, Humorology has been equated to the caliber of an off-Broadway production that is fun for family and friends!